Financial Abuse in South Carolina Nursing Homes

How a Greenville, SC Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Can Help

Financial fraud is one of the fastest growing forms of elder abuse in nursing homes across the country. Often unreported, the rate at which elders are financially taken advantage of can be hard to track. In fact, a report in Consumers Digest suggests that only about 1 in every 25 cases is reported. If you have reason to suspect your elderly loved one is being financially scammed at his or her nursing home facility, do not wait to involve an attorney. The sooner you employ legal representation, the better able you’ll be to build a strong case to combat the abuse.

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Commons Types of Financial Elder Abuse Cases We Handle

Every year, a number of financial scams are committed against the unassuming elderly residents of nursing homes. According to a report published by Consumers Digest, at least 5 million cases of financial abuse occur in the U.S. each year. Among the most common types of scams we see are:

  • Abusing conservatorship / guardianship / power of attorney rights
  • Cashing an elderly resident’s check without authorization
  • Coercing an elderly resident to sign documents they might not otherwise sign, i.e. drafting a new will
  • Exploiting an elderly resident’s finances
  • Forging an elderly resident’s signature

Recognize the Signs of Elder Financial Abuse

One of the best ways to combat financial elder abuse is to recognize the signs so you can stop the acts from continuing. This can be difficult if you’re not living in the facility with your elderly loved one; however, there are signs you can look for to spot red flags as soon as possible:

  • Abrupt bank withdrawals
  • Adding a new person to a banking account
  • Frequent checks being written to the same person or institution
  • Sudden changes to legal documents, i.e. wills and trusts
  • Unexplained transfers of money

Educating yourself on the warning sings to look for when you suspect financial elderly abuse can go a long way in helping to prevent the scams from continuing in the future. For more information about what to look for and how to act once you’ve found it, contact us at the Jordan Law Center.

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