Representing Victims Injured on the Job in Greenville

We've Helped Thousands of Injured Employees

In 2011 alone, nearly 3 million workplace injuries and illnesses affected Americans across the country. Accidents and injuries on the job are also common in South Carolina, where over 60,000 workers’ compensation claims were reported to the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission in 2011 and 2012.

The Jordan Law Center understands that when injuries happen while you are working, you not only have to focus on healing, but on providing for your family as well. Being hurt can cause you to lose wages for time taken off of work and cause additional medical bills and rehabilitation expenses to pile up.

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Advocacy for Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

It is illegal for an employer to fire you or retaliate against you in other ways because you filed a workers' compensation claim, yet this sometimes happens. In these cases, we work to stand up for your rights and help you seek the compensation and timely resolution of your case that you may deserve.

Our firm has fought for clients to receive the following in a workers' compensation case:

  • Access to thorough medical care
  • Benefits to replace his or her salary
  • A disability award to help replace the future loss of income because of the injury
  • Compensation to cover medical bills

Whether you are having trouble with your employer, the insurance company, your medical care, or any other workers' compensation issue, don't face the issues alone.

The Jordan Law Center Works on Your Behalf

Our Greenville, SC workers’ compensation attorney has helped clients throughout South Carolina with their third party claims and workers’ compensation claims. We represent cases in our out of court, and help advocate for your rights to seek compensation to help you and your family.

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