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Client Gets $250,000 for the Wrongful Death of Her Mother

Client Gets $250,000 for the Wrongful Death of Her Mother

At Jordan Law Center, we take pride in helping clients seek the compensation they deserve. Our firm has guided hundreds of clients to successful solutions, and we always work hard to pursue justice in every situation. We now discuss a case involving nursing home abuse that ended in a wrongful death, and how we helped our client receive compensation for the loss of her mother.

The Situation

Our client’s mother was 87 years old and resided in South Carolina. For many years, she lived with our client, her daughter, who provided the care she needed as she grew older. However, she fell one day and broke her hip. This led to hip replacement surgery.

Once her surgery was finished, she was discharged from the hospital and sent to a nursing home for rehabilitation. She had also been diagnosed with dementia. This caused her to be confused from time to time, especially in unfamiliar places.

The Problem

The nursing home where our client’s mother went did not take good care of her. Instead, it prescribed the wrong medication, failed to respond to bell calls, and did not send anyone to assist during meal times. Our client visited her mother every day, and began to notice these signs of poor care. The nursing staff would also leave the soiled bedpan in the room for hours at a time without being cleaned.

Because of her dementia, our client’s mother would sometimes wander from her room. At first, the nursing home used a bed alarm. However, they soon grew tired of this, and began to place her in a wheelchair in a day room near the nursing station. This was supposedly to keep her safe and keep an eye on her.

However, this clearly was not the case. They left her sitting in the wheelchair all night long, forcing her to sleep in an upright position. She began to complain of neck pain, but the staff paid no attention. Our client’s mother also complained that no one would help her go to the restroom in a timely manner. She would sit for hours without help.

The Final Injury

After several nights of this poor treatment, our client’s mother tried to get out of the wheelchair and fell, breaking her other hip. She required another hip replacement surgery, and over the following months, her condition declined. The nursing home staff failed to monitor her blood sugar, causing her to be admitted to the hospital twice. Furthermore, she was not repositioned or turned on her bed. This caused painful bedsores.

Within a few months, she developed an infection and became septic. She was placed in hospice care, but her condition continued to worsen. Within 3 months of falling out of the wheelchair in the nursing home, she passed away.

The Settlement

Our attorney represented the daughter of the woman who died. We filed a wrongful death and personal injury lawsuit to seek compensation. After a protracted negotiation, we were able to hold the nursing home responsible and obtain a settlement of $250,000 for our client.

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At Jordan Law Center, we are passionate about fighting for our clients’ rights. Whether you have been injured in a car accident or a loved one has passed away due to nursing home abuse, we can investigate your case and provide aggressive representation. Our firm compassionately cares for each client, and we can tenaciously represent you in court as you seek the compensation you deserve.

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