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Motorcycle Accident Victim Receives Nearly $200,000 in Settlement

Motorcycle Accident Victim Receives Nearly $200,000 in Settlement

Our firm represents clients injured in a variety of accidents. We provide compassionate and aggressive services to help our clients pursue the compensation they deserve for their injuries. With proven experience on our side, our Greenville personal injury attorney works hard to find unique, effective legal solutions. We tirelessly uphold our clients’ rights to compensation.

Here is one story of how we helped an injured motorcyclist obtain compensation for a road rage accident.

The Situation

We represented a husband and wife, where the husband had received serious injuries from a motorcycle wreck. One afternoon, the couple was driving home from the mall. The husband rode his motorcycle, while his wife followed him in their SUV with 2 small children in the back.

As they were riding down the road, they witnessed a driver in a pickup truck go into an incredible road rage and try to run another driver off the road. Our client and his brother-in-law, who were both on their motorcycles, saw the road rage driver force another woman's car into the median, where she almost wrecked. They began trying to move up next to the driver’s car to get his tag number and call the police, but the road rage driver swerved into our client intentionally. This caused him to lose control of the bike, flip about 10 feet into the air (in front of his wife, who was watching the entire incident), and come down on his head and shoulder.

Thankfully, he was wearing a helmet, or he would have been killed. However, he did break his collarbone. Also thankfully, he did not come to rest near the bike, which slid down the road and burst into a fiery explosion. He was saved from fatal injuries, but the incident had a tremendous negative impact on his life, physical condition, and family.

The husband suffered extensive road rash and needed a surgery to repair his collarbone, and he will need a future surgery as well. He spent months out of work. The wife was emotionally traumatized from watching her husband nearly killed in the incident. After the crash, a good samaritan chased the road rage driver for about 5 miles before the police finally caught up and arrested him.

Our Personal Injury Team Fought for His Rights to Compensation

Using our extensive knowledge of insurance laws in South Carolina, we were able to collect literally every piece of existing insurance coverage for our client. We ended up receiving a settlement of $199,200.00. Our experienced attorney used some rarely utilized techniques to increase the recovery for our client, and it paid off. We searched high and low for all of the possible existing insurance coverage to compensate our clients for their injuries, and ultimately collected far more than the $75,000.00 in basic insurance coverage that other attorneys may have simply collected quickly and then closed the file. We are proud to have helped achieve a successful recovery for our client in this stressful and chaotic situation.

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If you have suffered an injury due to someone else’s negligence or recklessness, we can help. Our firm can use decades of legal experience to pursue justice for your case. We can investigate the incident, gather evidence, build your case, and tenaciously represent you in court. Our team cares about the physical and financial recovery of each client, and we will do our best to provide informative, personal legal services as you seek compensation.

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