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4 Mistakes You Should Avoid After a Car Accident

4 Mistakes You Should Avoid After a Car Accident

No matter what the cause may be, a car accident can be frightening. Oftentimes, individuals involved in car accidents experience intense adrenaline rushes, which can cause them to forget to perform the most important tasks following a collision.

Because our Greensville car accident attorney cares about your safety and rights, we have listed 4 common mistakes to avoid after a vehicle collision:

1. Not Contacting Law Enforcement

Sometimes, people involved in car accidents will decide not to call the police in hopes that they can resolve the situation with only involved parties. However, this can dangerous if you plan to file a personal injury claim in the future. Failure to contact law enforcement will result in the lack of a police report, which can be extremely useful evidence to prove your injuries were caused by another person’s negligence.

2. Not Receiving Medical Attention

After a collision occurs, a person may experience high levels of adrenaline, disallowing them to feel the extent of their pain or injuries. However, it is absolutely crucial that car accident victims obtain medical attention as soon as possible. Failure to do so can result in failure to obtain medical evidence to support your personal injury claim should you choose to file one against the at-fault driver at a later date.

3. Not Taking Photographs or Information from Witnesses

If you are involved in a collision and it is safe to do so, be sure to take photographs of the collision from both the inside and outside of your car. Be sure to capture the scene from various angles as these photographs can be extremely useful when attempting to prove the other driver’s negligence, recklessness, or carelessness.

4. Not Contacting a Car Accident Lawyer

Many accident victims believe they can obtain an adequate amount of compensation by filing personal injury claim alone rather than hiring a lawyer. However, oftentimes, when victims choose to do so, they do not receive enough compensation to cover medical expenses, physical therapy, medication costs, lost wages, and physical suffering. For this reason, it is crucial that victims seek legal help right away.

If you were involved in a collision, contact our Greensville car accident lawyer at Jordan Law Center right away. We serve South Carolina’s injured and cannot wait to help you. Call us today, and let us fight for your rights!


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