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89-Year-Old Veteran, James Dempsey, Dies as Nursing Home Staff Laughs

Fearing for his father’s life, son of 89-year-old James Dempsey installed a hidden camera in his father’s room at the Northeast Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation. What the footage revealed was horrific, as it has shocked people across the nation. The video showed James gasping for air, calling for help, and pushing a call button in order to request the aide of nurses. A nurse emerges, turns off his call button, adjusts his bedsheets, and leaves.

Next, he is found unresponsive, and employees call 911 an hour later.  The video also shows the nurses laughing over his bedside as they fiddle with his oxygen machine. Before this footage emerged, the nurses maintained they had checked his vital signs, performed chest compressions, and overall displayed a perfect modicum of care--which they had not.

This gross disregard for human life is shocking to say the least. It comes as no surprise that James’ family pursued litigation and settled for an undisclosed amount, which also resulted in the nurses involved to lose their professional licenses. Northeast Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation is still open, though it maintains a 1-star rating from Medicare.

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